Recently, I asked folks on Facebook what Blue Owl meal they would choose if they had to eat the same meal for the rest of the year. What great fun our Facebook followers are! Many joined in, with quite a few different answers. I started thinking about all the different people who connect with us online, and how much I appreciate them. I wish that I could meet each of you face to face, and perhaps some day I will. I also wondered about their many different backgrounds and personalities, likes and dislikes, etc. So after a bit of internet “research,” I put together this little personality test. Read on and discover what your favorite Blue Owl Meal says about you.

  • Open Faced Roast Beef. If this is your favorite dish, you are traditional, down-to-earth and full of warmth and love for others. You love nights at home with the entire family gathered around the table. Of course, you love to end the evening with a nice warm cup of coffee and a slice of Levee High Apple Pie.
  • Baked Chicken Salad Pie. If you dream of our baked chicken salad pie, you are elegant, charming and you love to make a positive lasting impression everywhere you go. For you, there’s nothing better than dining outdoors on our veranda with a fun crowd of family and friends. A glass of ice tea and a slice of Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie best complement your meals.
  • Blue Owl Salads are not your ordinary salads, and you are not the ordinary diner. You’re a practical individual who chooses those healthy vegetables, but your slightly wild side shows when your salad arrives, loaded with fruits and nuts or meats and cheeses, depending on your preference. You enjoy dropping in for a treat and a conversation before the next adventure, but you’ll always save room and time for our amazing Carrot Cake.
  • Soup or Chili. If you prefer to warm up with a bowl of Our Famous White Chili, Cream of Broccoli or other amazing soups, you are a delightful old soul. Others are drawn to you, as your welcoming nature makes them feel comfortable and peaceful. Chocolate cake, in one of our many varieties, is your standby dessert.
  • Breakfast. The early bird catches the worm, and so do you. You’re a go- getter, and you’d never skip the most important meal of the day. You’re reliable and dedicated, helpful to everyone, and you always know the right thing to do. Don’t skip dessert, though; at the very least spread some of our delicious Apple Butter on your biscuit.
  • Terrific Trio. If you chose the Terrific Trio, you’re a very smart cookie indeed! You like to experience the best life has to offer, but you don’t feel the need to overindulge in any one thing. You likely have many of the above characteristics, and we love you for it. As far as dessert goes, you can have whatever you wish.

Of course, it’s impossible to fully cover all the choices in our menu. Whatever your favorite, I am thankful for you. If you haven’t connected with me on Facebook, join in on the fun. And always remember that Dreams Really Do Come True.

All My Love,