The Ultimate Girls’ Day Out is almost here! This weekend, the Working Women’s Survival Show comes to the St. Charles Convention Center, and ladies all over the area are very excited. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the WWSS. Nearly 400 exhibitors will gather, featuring salon and spa services, food, shopping, and much more. Each day is filled with live entertainment, celebrity speakers, fashion shows, and fitness demonstrations.

The Blue Owl Restaurant and Bakery has been an exhibitor for many years, delighting WWSS visitors with our delicious homemade food and desserts. I also greatly enjoy sharing my story and some cooking instruction. It is so nice to see many beautiful women gathering together to learn and share. This year, I will be on the Inspired Cooking Stage twice. You can see me on Friday at 4:30 or 2:30 on Saturday.

Being a working woman is not always simple. The challenges of balancing a home, a family and a career often seem difficult. Having been a working woman myself, I can share a few pieces of advice.

  • Look for ways to be more efficient. Most women I know are quite good at multitasking and squeezing the most out of every single day. However, there are always ways to be just a bit more efficient, especially with today’s technology (hint: there’s an app for that). There are many ways to cook more efficiently, such as using a crockpot or cooking a double recipe and freezing half for a busy night in the future.
  • Ask for help. If there’s room in the budget, consider hiring out tasks such as cleaning or grocery shopping. Some stores in the area are now beginning to offer parking lot pickup for online grocery orders, and a few even offer deliveries. Exchange babysitting duties with friends, take turns with the carpool, or even help each other out with dinner from time to time. At work, offer help when possible and ask for help when needed. No one can do this alone.
  • Take time for self care. The WWSS is the perfect opportunity to get started on this goal. Neglecting self-care is one way to wind up exhausted, burned out and less effective. As often as possible, get a full night’s sleep. Don’t delay those important checkups and appointments. Take time for dinner with a friend, a nail appointment, or whatever it is that brings joy.
  • Never stop dreaming. Dream big, fantastic, happy dreams. Sometimes, things will be tough. It will seem as if nothing is going well. You may even see what appears to be failure in a number of areas, but mistakes and setbacks are not permanent. Continue to dream. Turn those dreams into goals and plan to reach them.

I hope to see many of my friends and connections this weekend at the Working Women’s Survival Show. And remember to dream, because Dreams Really Do Come True.

All My Love,

~ Mary