Happy spring, friends! In Kimmswick and the rest of the St. Louis area, it seems like we’ve had quite a few seasons in just the past couple of weeks. Some days have reached nearly 80 degrees, we’ve experienced thunderstorms and tornadoes, and next thing we knew big beautiful snowflakes fell to the ground. Despite what the weather feels like, yesterday was the first official day of the spring season.

I thought it would be fun to look at a few unique spring celebrations around the world, particularly those that highlight food. Won’t you take a trip with me?

    • The Festival of the Scrambled Eggs. This celebration dates back hundred of years and draws many visitors to Zenica, Bosnia. The egg, of course, represents new life. As the new season begins, the people cook enormous amounts of scrambled eggs, which are handed out for free for the people to enjoy.
    • Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling. Near Gloucester, England, people from all over the world gather for this unusual celebration. Competitors race down Cooper’s Hill for the prize of a round of Double Gloucester cheese.
    • Pancake Week. Who wouldn’t be on board for celebrating pancakes?  Maslenitsa, or Pancake Week, takes place in Russia and dates back to 500 AD. It is a traditional folk holiday that celebrates the end of winter. Taking center stage (or plate) are bliny, Russian pancakes or crepes that resemble the sun.
    • Naghol. This festival takes place on the Pentecost Island of Vanuatu. It celebrates the harvest of the yam, which is a primary staple in the population’s diet. The highlight of the festival is “land diving,” in which male residents jump from a tall tower with vines tied to their ankles. It is much like bungee jumping, except that their heads are intended to graze the ground during the jump.  
    • Nowruz. Celebrating spring agricultural planting patterns, this celebration in Uzbekistan includes the tradition of eating sumalak, a sweet paste made from wheat sprouts.



However you celebrate spring, The Blue Owl always has the right dessert to bring delight to your festivities. As the flowers bloom, the weather warms, and new life springs forth, I hope that you’ll remember, Dreams Really Do Come True.

All My Love,



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