Happy July, friends! I hope that you enjoyed your Independence Day celebrations, and that they were filled with great fun and delicious food. Did you know that July has many other fun and offbeat holidays to enjoy? In fact, the whole month is designated Ice Cream Month and today (July 6th) is Fried Chicken Day.

These two fun facts prompted me to think about comfort food. After all, nothing says comfort like fried chicken or ice cream. Let’s explore a few favorite treats and what your favorites mean about you.

  • Fried Chicken. We’ll begin with the hearty southern food staple that we celebrate today. If fried chicken is your favorite dish, it’s likely that you’re a bit spicy and maybe just a bit messy. You sometimes find yourself in trouble, but your straightforward approach usually serves you well. The Blue Owl is happy to satisfy your craving with our Southern Fried Chicken, which is our special on Wednesdays and Sundays.
  • Ice Cream. The quintessential summer comfort food is enjoyed year ‘round. If you keep a gallon tucked away to calm you after a hard day, you are likely a kid at heart surrounded by friends. When things get tough, you long for the simple days of childhood. Around here, those childhood memories are best served in a scoop beside a slice of pie.
  • Pie. Speaking of pie, a warm slice of homemade deliciousness is the perfect comfort food for many. If this is you, you believe that every thing is better from grandma’s kitchen and the best recipes are handed down from generation to generation. If pie is your favorite comfort food, The Blue Owl is your home sweet home.
  • Meatloaf. If you find comfort in a warm slice of hearty meatloaf, then you’re likely a person who loves tradition and the tried-and-true method of getting things done. You love family and despise drama. Stop by The Blue Owl on Tuesdays for the best meatloaf around.
  • Mashed Potatoes. For those who are all about family, mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort food. You crave the comfort of being in a warm, loving environment, and you work to provide such a place. What a coincidence, so do we. J Fortunately, you can have a side of mashed potatoes with your other comfort foods on Sundays. We also offer potatoes in many forms (chips, fries, potato salad and sometimes mashed) on other days as well. Ask your server during your visit.

Of course, we offer many other comfort foods at The Blue Owl: Roast Beef, White Chicken Chili, Biscuits and Gravy, and a variety of cakes and other sweet treats. Visit our Facebook page and share your favorite comfort food with us. Visit us in person to enjoy it. And of course, remember that Dreams Really Do Come True.

All my love,