2018 arrived yesterday, no doubt with much fun and delicious food! While 2017 was a year of wonderful memories, I look forward to a bright and beautiful year ahead.

Many people are now setting resolutions to eat less, spend less, and engage in fewer unhealthy habits. That isn’t a bad idea, I’m sure. However, in 2018, I’m choosing to focus on more. These things I wish for myself and my loved ones, including you!

I wish you more…

  • Delicious food. If you’ve resolved to eat less or to increase healthy foods in your diet, that is a wonderful (and perhaps needed) idea. However, one must eat; and one of the joys of life is eating well. I wish you more delicious enjoyment of the things that you choose to eat.
  • Movement. Rather than resolving to keep a strict workout routine, I wish you more dancing and long walks with your special someone, more jumping for joy, and more playing with the little ones you adore.
  • Time with loved ones. There is nothing more precious than time with those we love.
  • Quiet. In the hustle and bustle of our busy world, it is necessary to sometimes slow down, unplug and rest on a regular basis.
  • Peace. I wish you the ability to make peace with your circumstances, your surroundings and the people around you.
  • Charm. Everyone needs a little more charm in life. If you’re seeking a bit of old-fashioned magic, Kimmswick is the perfect place to visit.
  • Dreaming. Dreams drive us forward. Dreams make us smile. With the right amount of determination and hard work, dreams turn into goals, which turn into plans, which eventually become reality. So, I wish that you will dream more; and that you will remember that Dreams Really Do Come True.

All my love,