You may have noticed that we like to celebrate! From weddings and showers to birthdays and retirement parties, we love to jump in and make the day even more delicious. If you keep up with us on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll also notice that we try to keep track of and share the yummiest holidays. If you don’t follow us, you should – we will give you many scrumptious reasons to celebrate throughout the year.

National Apple Pie Day: It likely will not surprise you that one of our favorites is National Apple Pie Day. This holiday is celebrated on May 13 of each year, and what better way to celebrate than with a slice of our Caramel Pecan Levee High Apple Pie?

Doughnut Day:  In addition to celebrating these delicious breakfast (or anytime) treats on the first Friday in June, Doughnut Day celebrates the generosity of one WWI Army doctor who treated wounded soldiers to donuts, starting a movement that lifted the spirits of many.

Ice Cream Month: A treat so varied and amazing as ice cream deserves more than one day. In fact, President Ronald Reagan thought 31 days would be the right amount of celebration, so he declared July to be Ice Cream Month. July 1 is Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day, which is perfect for our Sweet Shoppe treats created from our famous dessert menu. Go the extra mile by celebrating Peach Ice Cream Day on the 17th, Hot Fudge Sundae Day on the 25th, and Coffee Milkshake Day on the 27th.

The Life of Pie: I would be remiss not to mention the many “Pie” holidays worth celebrating. The list includes National Pecan Pie Day (July 12), Cherry Pie Day (February 20), Coconut Cream Pie Day (May 8), Pumpkin Pie Day (December 25), Chocolate Pecan Pie Day (August 20), and so many more!

But don’t forget we can celebrate other desserts too, with the following days: Carrot Cake Day on February 3, National Cheesecake Day on July 30, Candy Apple Day on October 31, Candy Day on November 4, and Cupcake Day on December 15.

Oh, and August is clearly the best month, as the designated month to Eat Dessert First! Now isn’t that proof that Dreams Really Do Come True? 😉

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P.S. You can look up all these holidays on Days of the Year and National Day Calendar, or learn how to create your own holiday here.