Happy Spring, friends! Despite the fact that many in our area awoke to snow on the first day of spring, it is indeed here. The trees are budding, the grass is growing green, and flowers are dotting the landscape. With spring, comes the Easter holiday, and we are so egg-cited! This Saturday, the Easter Bunny is joining us for breakfast at 9a.m. We’re looking forward to a wonderful time with our favorite rabbit and the adorable families who will join us. Call us to reserve your spot, 636-464-3128.

Today, we’re going to warm up for that Easter egg hunt, as I share some of my favorite past blogs. Grab your basket and let’s go!

  • The first egg you’ll find is one of my favorite blogs, in which I share memories of my childhood trips to the soda fountain.
  • Look! There’s an egg with the Gateway Arch painted on it – how delightful! Inside you’ll find a blog about some of the best things to do in the amazing St. Louis area.
  • This Easter egg holds a delightful recipe that you may enjoy sharing at your Easter family dinner. Enjoy this Spinach-Tomato Bake.
  • Need a dessert instead? Look over here. This egg holds the recipe for one of our most delicious and dreamy cakes.
  • If you’d rather have someone make your desserts for you, check out this egg. I share how to order your Thanksgiving pies, which coincidentally works for other holidays as well.
  • A golden egg of a blog encourages you to pay it forward this spring and always.

Whether you make a trip to The Blue Owl as part of your spring celebrations, order or pick up a treat, or use one of our many wonderful recipes, we hope that you’ll include us in all your gatherings. I wish you a very hoppy Easter, and encourage you to always remember that Dreams Really Do Come True.


All my love,