We had quite a weekend around here, celebrating Apple Butter Festival with over 100,000 people visiting our darling little town! Thank you to everyone who visited and worked so hard to make the festival a joyful success.

Just in case you were so busy preparing for all things Apple Butter that you forgot – Halloween is just a few days away! If you’re scrambling to catch up, I thought I’d share a few fun tips for creating some scary fun.

Decorate simply. You don’t have to spend a fortune or hour of your time to create a fun Halloween display. Of course, carving pumpkins is the classic activity and decoration, and there are so many free stencils available, but if you’re short on time, try painting and decorating with tape or ribbons.  You can also try an old-school idea, such as a scarecrow stuffed with straw or a white sheet fashioned into a ghostly figure in a tree. More recent ideas include cutting eye holes into toilet tissue rolls and placing a glow stick inside to create spooky eyes for your yard, or wrapping your door with white crepe paper to create a mummy.

Dress up. Again, a white sheet can create an instant retro ghost. A cardboard box can also provide endless ideas, from an elaborate cartoon Spongebob Squarepants to a very simple Lego block (glue on plastic cups and paint).  Look at what you have in your closet or basement and get creative on the cheap. Of course, those white streamers from your door décor could also turn you into a mummy, as long as you don’t plan to go out in the rain.

Eat, drink and be scary!  No gathering is complete without great food! Freeze Kool-Aid or juice in a plastic (non-powdered) medical glove, cut away the glove, and drop the hand into your bowl of punch. Small plastic spiders and bugs bring many giggles when frozen into ice cubes. Candy corn mixed with peanuts tastes like a PayDay Candy bar and is quite the treat. If you’ve carved pumpkins, don’t waste those delicious and nutritious seeds, roast them instead. Of course, we have many wonderful treats to offer your guests as well. Don’t delay, call us at 636-464-3128 right away to place your order now.

I wish you a very Happy Halloween, with many tasty treats, fun frights, and not-so-scary dreams! For we must always remember that Dreams Really Do Come True!

All my love,