Can you believe that Christmas is just 10 days away? Perhaps time flies this quickly because we are so busy! We’ve had many celebrations here in Kimmswick and each one has been simply the best. Our elves are busy baking to fill holiday orders and to bring a smile to the face of every dining guest. Just last weekend, we had a lovely dinner with Santa, and we will be welcoming him back for Breakfast with Santa this Saturday. Santa just can’t get enough of The Blue Owl. You can still join him; call 636-464-3128 for reservations.

As the Christmas holiday quickly approaches, I’m sure you’re super busy as well. Today, I’d like to share a few tips on having a wonderful, less-stress time of year.

  • Make a list and check it twice! Santa advised me to do so; write down all your shopping needs, baking needs, gifts to give, things to pack for your trip, etc., and refer to it often. I make many lists, though they aren’t about who is naughty or nice. Of course, my friends and family (and especially my grandkids) are all on the very nice list.
  • Get some elves! Here’s another trick that Santa uses all the time. One person can’t do it all, no matter how magical he or she is. Delegate tasks such as cleaning, wrapping, chopping vegetables or unwrapping candies used in baking. Consider paying someone in need of extra holiday cash or let our elves do some of the baking for you. Call us or visit us online to order.
  • Don’t try to get all over the area in one night. Let’s part ways with Santa on this one. You have a limited amount of time to wrap up your shopping, so why not purchase all those unique little gift items in one spot? Kimmswick is the perfect place to finish that gift list.
  • Enjoy the presence. While we are talking about pressure, remember that the holidays aren’t just about the presents. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to spend the right amount or find the perfect gift. Enjoy spending time with those you love.
  • Enjoy some cookies. Let go of the pressure to stick to your diet, but do plan ahead wisely. Instead of grabbing a treat every time you walk into the kitchen, decide ahead when and where you will indulge. Choose your favorite treats and stay aware so you avoid mindless munching.
  • Relax, unplug, and unwind. I enjoy the hustle and bustle as much as anyone. I also love connecting online. However, it is important to take some quiet time for reflection and face-to-face connection during the holidays. Plan ahead for some unscheduled, unplugged time and you’ll find yourself recharged.

I hope that your Christmas is magical and full of dreams! Always remember that Dreams Really Do Come True!

All my love,