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~ Inspiration ~

Written by Mary On August - 24 - 2012 3 Comments

I have been very blessed to have been surrounded by inspiring women all of my life! My Mom was such an inspiration, as she very loving, encouraging, nurturing, caring, talented and a hard worker throughout her life. She was one of the most intelligent women I have ever known, despite the fact that she was unable to finish school. Her Father died when she was a teenager, and she left school to help my Grandma raise her two siblings. But this did not stop her from learning; she read about anything and everything and always knew the answers to our questions. In my childhood home, she was the cook, baker, plumber, painter, gardener, poet, and more. All of her talents would be far too many list! Ever the “Mama Bear” protecting her cubs, she was extremely dedicated to her family. We all knew we were safe in her arms and that she had our best interests in mind.

In the kitchen, my Mom had a knack for making everything taste delicious! She seemed to possess a natural knowledge of how to make food taste its very best, giving each dish a dollop of her own magic! I am ever so grateful to have been blessed with such a wonderful Mom, my inspiration! She provided me with the right mix of ingredients to become a mother, a cook, a baker, and a restaurant owner. If you would like to sample one of her recipes, then come to The Blue Owl to enjoy the Roast Beef, flavored with fresh garlic and onions, and topped with a delicious beef gravy! Also, make sure to stop in The Blue Owl Sweet Shoppe in Kimmswick and check out The Eggleston Room; this room is dedicated to my family and is decorated with many of our family photos! My Dad and she were married for 60 blessed years before she passed away in 2010. I will always miss my mom, yet I am left with beautiful memories and, I am pretty sure I am carrying on a few of her talents as well : )

My grandmother was another huge inspiration to me. She, too, was hard working (this runs in my family to this day!). When I was a little girl, she lived just around the corner from us; so I could visit her every day, and spend the night as often as I wished (which was very often!).  I remember being so impressed as I watched her knead the many doughs necessary to create her wonderful German delights: coffee cakes, streusels, and yeast rolls. The aromas that came from her kitchen remain in my heart! She was known for her Cinnamon Rolls and homemade dinner rolls – how we loved when she made them for us! Of course, we certainly offer a few of my Grandma’s special recipes at The Blue Owl as well!

Another inspiring woman in my life is a dear friend and relative, Sherron Webb. When I think of Sherron, I think of someone who so talented in so many ways, not to mention very organized. A dinner at her house is beyond special; the table is impeccably arranged with attractive place settings and beautiful centerpieces – that she herself created. Dessert at Sherron’s house is always wonderful; our Carrot Cake recipe was a gift from Sherron. As well, our Canadian Cheese Soup is one of her recipes. Both have become favorites amongst many of our guests. Many years ago, Sherron presented me with a special cookbook, which was made by her and included many of her extraordinary recipes. I cherish this special gift to this day!

Today, I continue to be inspired as I watch my daughters, Kim and Kelly. Both carry on the tradition of hard work and a love of family that keeps us strong and ready for each new challenge that comes our way. I know that new lessons and new inspirations abound! As I watch my daughters navigate their way through life, I am so proud of the both of them.

All of these precious women are blessings in my life and have encouraged me along the path! “Dreams Really Do Come True!”

All My Love,

~ Mary

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