As 2014 comes to a close, we are giving thanks for a wonderful year and looking forward to a fabulous 2015! Many of you are creating your list of resolutions for the New Year, planning to quit some habits and begin some anew. Today, I would like to offer a few suggestions. In 2015, I would love to see more of these things in your life and mine!

More thought. Many of us resolve to spend less, eat less, or waste less. What if we instead pledged to put more thought into our actions, consciously choosing where we spend our money and time or what we put into our mouths?

More gratitude. Friends, I can promise you that your happiness will greatly increase when you focus on the many blessings you have, rather than the difficulties. We all have much for which to be thankful!

More expression. It is so easy to complain and grumble, and sometimes it is necessary to express a need for change. However, let’s do balance those negative times with expressions of joy, love, and gratitude.  Let’s not allow the important things in life go unsaid.

More giving. Everyone goes through difficult times, during which we need encouragement and support. Everyone has something to give, whether it is time, talent, or treasure. Give with joy, for it will come back to you someday!

More pie! Whatever treat makes you smile, enjoy it more! Of course, do so with thought, with thanks, and share with someone you love and someone in need. Remember, even if you plan to focus more on health, treats are good from time to time.

More dreaming! If you remember nothing else, please remember to dream. Dream often, dream boldly, and dream big; because Dreams Really Do Come True!

All My Love,