Valentine’s Day is a popular time for marriage proposals. If you are one of the many who proposed or accepted an engagement ring on this romantic occasion, congratulations! Soon, the summer wedding season will be upon us; the time in between is then filled with many bridal showers.

Bridal showers have evolved a great deal over the years. In years gone by, couples married very young straight from their parents’ homes. A large guest list helped them to get everything they needed to begin a life together. Now, couples tend to be a bit older and more independent before marriage. With this trend, showers are no longer large groups of ladies sipping punch and enjoying cake while the bride-to-be opens presents. Instead, they’ve become more intimate but elaborate celebrations.  Here are a few trends to watch for this year:

  • Destination Bridal Showers. Fewer showers will be hosted at home, and more will become mini-vacations. A very happy medium between the two? How about a shower at a charming restaurant location (hint, hint).
  • Couples Showers. More and more pre-wedding parties include both the bride and the groom.
  • Fewer games. As guest lists have shrunk, bridal showers are leaning toward intimate affairs where people converse rather than playing games.
  • Pinterest-worthy details. Decorations, favors, invitations, etc., have all been taken up a notch, whether the host does the creation or the venue takes on that job.
  • A more relaxed atmosphere. Despite the trend of detailed and personal décor, the party itself tends to be less formal and more relaxing, a welcome trend for the likely stressed-out bridal party.

If you are planning a shower, I invite you to discover what The Blue Owl has to offer. The charming town of Kimmswick is a lovely setting, with plenty of delightful shops to explore if your guests desire a full-day event. We will be happy to ensure that your event will be wonderful and stress free for you and your guests. Contact Ann Foster at 314-495- 5115 or for details and to reserve your date.

Of course, as you plan and enjoy this special time, remember that Dreams Really Do Come True.

All My Love,





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