Easter is nearly here! We’re excited about welcoming the Easter Bunny here on March 31. Your little ones will have the best time and you’ll end up with some adorable pictures, all while enjoying a hearty and delicious Blue Owl Breakfast. Hurry and make your reservations right away!

We asked the Easter Bunny what he plans to leave in your Easter Basket. He wouldn’t share all his secrets, but he did tell us a little bit about the most popular Easter treats.

  • Chocolate Eggs – These treats have been around since the 1800s. In 1963, the chocolate egg was taken up a notch with the arrival of the Cadbury egg. It is now a classic in baskets everywhere.
  • Chocolate Bunnies – In the 1850s the chocolate bunny came to America from Germany, and aren’t we all thankful for this addition to our Easter celebrations?
  • Jelly Beans – Jelly Beans have been a popular Easter treat since the 1930s because of their egg-like shape, with the added bonus that they come in many, many flavors.
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs – The favorite treat of many, many people, these treats entered the scene and stole the show in 1967. RetailMeNot crowned the mini version the King of Easter Candy in 2017.
  • Peeps – The Reese’s Egg dethroned none other than the iconic Peep. Love them or loathe them, they’ve been a favorite since 1953. So, tell us, is there anyone out there that thinks Peeps are “just okay,” or is it truly as polarizing as it seems?

Of course, Blue Owl classics are everyone’s favorite, though not all of our treats fit in the traditional Easter basket. Time is running out to order your Lamb Cake, Decorated Easter cookies, Carrot Cake and more!  Call in your order today, 636-464-3128.

Happy Easter to all, and please remember that Dreams Really Do Come True!

 All My Love,