Well, dear friends, September is almost over! With October comes a chill in the air and a spell over Kimmswick! Yes, it is almost time for Witches Night Out. This Be-Witching event takes place on October 10th from 3pm-9pm and I hope that you will join us. We want to see you dressed up and having a fa-BOO-lous time!

My pretty, what will you wear? It’s time to assemble your costume. Consider these accessories:

A Broom: Everyone knows that witches use brooms as their primary source of transportation, right? One explanation for this association is an ancient pagan ritual, in which people would dance and jump as high as possible on a broom to show the newly planted seeds how high the crops should grow. This gave the illusion of flying, and is one possible explanation of the association. At Witches Night Out, transportation will be provided by bus from Windsor High School, so you don’t technically need the broom. However, the Best Broom is a contest category, and yours could receive a prize if it is judged to be the #1 vehicle.

A hat: At least as early as the 1700s, witches were depicted as wearing large pointy hats. Storybooks and artwork pushed the stereotype, which continues today in modern fairy tales, movies, and books. Your hat could win a prize, so be sure to enter the costume contest.

Witches Brew: Witches have often been associated with magic potions and herbal concoctions, often brewed in a cauldron with secret ingredients added and words chanted. At this event, there will be many things to eat, drink, and enjoy. While none are technically magic, many are certainly magical. Remember, no outside food or drinks are allowed, and we cannot have glass at this event, so that we remain in compliance with city regulations.

A Black Cat: Since before the Middle Ages, cats have been associated with magic and witches. Cats have been seen as companions to witches or as witches in a stage of transformation. These days, the association is good-natured, and of course, we love cats. However, they are not the most easily transported companions, so let’s stick to the stuffed variety (or an adult friend dressed up as a feline) for our costumes. 😉 On the same note, Witches Night Out strongly advises you to leave the kiddies at home with the kittens; it is considered an adult event for ladies. Some costumes or areas may be scary to little ones, and while we work to make most Kimmswick events family friendly, this one is intended for women 21 years of age and up, only.

Whether you’re a good witch or a bad witch, I do hope that you’ll join us for an evening of fun! Get your tickets today, and remember that Dreams Really Do Come True!

All My Love,