In my last blog of 2016, I shared a wonderful recipe. I hope it added a great taste to your New Year celebration. Now that 2017 is underway, and many folks are diving head first into their resolutions, I have another recipe to share. Instead of resolutions, I have put together the ingredients for a sweet and delicious year.

New Year Recipe Ingredients:

2 cups of love – Life would be bland and tasteless without love. We suggest you add it to everything you do! Whether you resolved to spend more time with family or to take better care of yourself in 2017, love is the key to making your year sweet.

1 cup of patience – Wouldn’t it be lovely if everything went exactly as you planned and you never had to wait for things to fall into place? Probably not, because then we would never learn the art of being patient. So, friends, please be patient with yourself when you don’t meet your goals for 2017 by the end of January. Also, be patient with your loved ones, those around you, and the world. They need it as much as you do.

1 cup of perseverance – Around mid-February, we’ll see a lot of people dropping their gym memberships, stepping back into unhealthy ways, and forgetting the goals they set. Don’t stop! But do reevaluate and change goals if needed. Never give up on your dreams.

½ cup of dreams – You know what I always say about dreams. So, dream often and dream big!

½ cup of action – For every dream that comes true, there is action behind it. When you have a dream, also make sure to set a goal, make a plan, and live it into reality.

1 T of laughter – Life is better when you’re laughing. Take time for the things and the people that make you smile.

1 T of help – You are not in this alone. Ask for help. Give your help. Share your dreams and the work with others.

1 t of indulgence – Treat yourself. Reward yourself. Eat dessert (especially if it’s at The Blue Owl) on occasion, even if your resolution involves dropping a few pounds. Enjoy the sweet, decadent things of life and savor every single bite.

Directions: Mix all these ingredients together for a wonderful 2017. Add a dash of fun each day. Mix in a good amount of rest and relaxation. Serve warm, surrounded by those you love. And remember, Dreams Really Do Come True!

 All My Love,